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This article (found here) was written by Brian Thorne, CEO for Lakeland Credit Union and it is a great example of how organizations are recognizing the need to transform their culture and align their workforce to a common “why”.

“Our journey began during our strategic planning session with our board. Our objective was to define our strategic priorities by renewing our understanding and commitment to our vision, mission and values.” explains Brian. Ensuring that everyone understands the why, how and what will help everyone align better to the organizational objectives and facilitate better teamwork across the entire organization.

Not only has Lakeland implemented a mentoring and coaching program they have also adopted Goal Management’s strategy execution platform that makes alignment, collaboration and management of objectives fast and easy. Leveraging a cloud-based technology like Goal Management ensures that people are working smarter not harder. Real-time progress updates and predictive analytics right on your mobile or tablet ensures that everyone has the information needed to manage the objectives. By closely managing organization objectives, Lakeland can ensure they achieve the optimum results.

How Goal Management can help

With today’s high-tech tools there is no reason to use spreadsheets. Goal Management lets you create, manage, align, and share your objectives in an easy to follow platform. It allows you to collaborate with the entire company in an effort to inform, be informed, and work together in moving the company forward by achieving the corporate strategic objectives as a team.

If your company is already using the OKR methodology, but want more advanced software to track and manage overall progress, set up a meeting to talk to our Customer Success Team here.