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We solve your strategic goal tracking, alignment, and execution problem.

Inspired by Google's goal-setting framework, we have built the most comprehensive solution to strategy execution.

Strong Enough for Google

Based on the same goal framework used by Google, Amazon, Bono's One Foundation, and countless other world-class organizations, we provide unparalleled insight into your organization's goal attainment. Easy to implement and empowering leadership to get real results.

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Goal Clarity Across Your Organization

Organizations with higher strategic goal clarity perform better. SMART goals and OKR frameworks turbocharge that advantage. gives real time optics into strategy execution, team attainment, bottlenecks, alignment and priorities, allowing everyone to see their impact on what actually matters.

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Alignment Across Departments

If your organization struggles to connect all your people's task / project activity with enterprise level objectives, you're not alone!

Strategic alignment is elusive without the right tools. provides that missing bridge between the tactical and the strategic, providing organization wide data aggregation, roll-up and tracking of complex, inter-related objectives, and graphical master views of objective progress.

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Engagement & Collaboration

When you have clear, aligned, and transparent goals, collaboration naturally follows. Contributors no longer want to work in silos. They want meaningful work that impacts the organization. They want recognition and real-time constructive feedback, not 6 months later in a formal performance review. 

Stay abreast of all updates using notifications and activity logs. "Like" and "follow" someone's objectives and stay connected with everything that happens.

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Continuous Feedback

"After the fact" performance feedback is outmoded and increasingly being replaced by continuous feedback / coaching models to drive standards and employee engagement. Real-time attainment / progress data also reduces preparation time, helping to cure "meeting-itis." provides valuable management tools to assist with continuous feedback and coaching. Predictive indicators, updating objective progress, overdue notifications, comments, utilizing Employee Progress Reports, etc, all facilitate hyper-connected, engaged cultures.

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