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Solutions to strategy execution

Hyper-connected, purpose-driven, strategically focused teams are essential in order to compete today.

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Hyper-connected, purpose-driven, strategically focused teams are essential in order to compete today. You need tools that communicate your strategic vision, fostering a culture of contributor ownership, motivation and accomplishment. helps organizations manage the execution of their strategic objectives. Executives have a platform to communicate all critical objectives and milestones to be accomplished in a given time-period.

With this visibility, departments, teams, and individuals can see, track and predict their contribution to what actually matters by creating objectives, aligning them to enterprise goals, and seeing the needle move.

Goal Clarity Across Your Organization

Organizations with higher goal clarity perform better. SMART goals and OKR frameworks allow organizations to perform at the highest levels. keeps all objectives in one place, in one format, visible to all, and allows everybody to understand the objectives.

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Alignment Across Departments

Struggling to align, manage and connect all your contributors with enterprise level objectives? provides the linkage and tracking of complex, inter-related objectives and metrics, graphically displaying all attainment on each critical outcome.

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Team Collaboration

Collaborative, purpose-driven cultures naturally flow from clear, aligned, and transparent goals. When you feel part of something important – valuable and inter-connected – you naturally become more collaborative and communicative. Stay abreast of all progress updates using notifications and activity logs. “Like” and “follow” someone’s objectives to stay connected and recognized.

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Continuous Performance Management

Business is changing from “after the fact” performance feedback to a continuous feedback model. Timely feedback and coaching on goal achievement enhance performance and preempt problems. Updating objective progress, providing comments, and utilizing Employee Progress Reports facilitates a strong coaching / feedback culture.

Employee Progress Reports provide a focused, point-in-time status update for both the manager and employee. This type of continuous feedback ensures priorities are documented and progress and issues are tracked.

Increase Employee Engagement & Organizational Performance

Clarity, alignment, collaboration, and knowing exactly how you are impacting the organization, lead to employee engagement! Great organisations invest in the tools and the culture that develop intrinsic motivation in their people. leverages the most current research on the psychology of motivation, including gamification, purpose, social connection, achievement, and recognition. Drive cultural change, social impact and the bottom line with

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Full Mobility

Review or update your team’s progress on any device, anywhere in the world. Whether you use a desktop computer, tablet, or smart phone, you will have your cloud-based dashboard wherever you go. Critical data at your fingertips.

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