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Creating a New User

Go to the “Users” tab.

  • Click on the Person/Plus icon to add a new user.
  • Demographics section (left-hand side of the form):
    • Select the correct organization in the company dropdown list.
    • Once an organization is selected, the next available employee number is automatically created. You can choose to change the number, but best practice is to leave it alone.
    • Finish this side by entering the employee’s name, email, department, direct manager, and job title. The location field is optional.
      • As the direct manager field is mandatory, you need to ensure that manager’s user information is entered into the system before they can be selected. It is best practice to add users top-down, based on the org chart.
    • Options section (top-right side of the form):
      • Employee Type Options
        • CEO / President designation is for the entity at the top of the org chart. This user’s objectives will be the organization objectives. Best practice is to create a company entity as this user. It does not need to be accessed directly as administrators can add org objectives on its behalf.
        • Manager designation is for any user who has direct reports.
        • Employee designation is for any user who has zero direct reports.
      • Check the administrator box if you want to give this user admin access.
      • Please Note – if the user has either the CEO, Manager, or admin status, they can create objectives and key results on other people’s behalf and update their progress. If the user has the employee status, they can only create their own objectives and key results and can only update the progress they own.
    • Profile Image
      • You can add their picture here.
      • The user can also add or edit their picture under their own profile window once they are logged in.
    • Click the Save button to add this user to the system.
    • Click the Save & Add Another button if you want to continue adding new users.
    • Please Note – all new users will not automatically receive a user activation email. To fully active their account, select their name under the user tab and click on the envelope icon.