PWC 2017 HR technology survey

November 6, 2017

PricewaterhouseCoopers conducts an annual survey regarding the use of HR technology and breaks down shared strategies, techniques, and challenges faced on this subject. This year’s survey was completed in August 2017, where they received input from HR, HRIS, and IT professionals from over 300 companies. Click here for the full PDF. Below are a few interesting highlights from the report:

Performance management is a top priority (Q14)

Companies were asked to rate what their top implementation or upgrade priorities were regarding 21 different HR themes. Performance management was in the top 5 priorities for 41% of the companies. The only other theme that was in the top 5 more than PM was HR Analytics.

The mobile performance gap (Q9 and Q10)

50% of companies surveyed believe managing individual performance on a mobile platform would be beneficial, yet only 20% of the companies surveyed are using mobile technology for that purpose.

Advantages of the cloud (Q19 and Q20)

75% of the companies surveyed say they have at least one HR process in the cloud, which has been an increasing trend over the past couple of years. For most of these companies, the primary incentive to use a cloud based system is that it gives them the ability to take advantage of software innovation faster. This incentive has been the top answer for the last 3 surveys.

Cloud systems should be easy to use (Q18)

Companies look at product functionality and user experience the most when selecting a cloud based system. The cost of the system and data security are the next two selection criterion, but are much less of a priority than functionality and experience. 

How Goal Management can help

The Goal Management system is designed to be a functional and useful tool in setting, aligning, and monitoring goals in a user friendly environment. Being cloud based provides clients with the flexibility it needs and its mobile capability lets you access your information from any system and in any location.

These tools can also significantly improve how people collaborate by creating transparency and concentrating all the communication for goals in one central system. Aligned, common shared goals create cohesive team that achieve results. 

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